About the tribe

For the healthy hearts

Our Philosophy

Tribal Fitness’s Philosophy is about embodying true fitness. Growing healthy hearts, healthy minds, and healthy bodies.

We complete the fitness journey by not just focusing on the physical training with strength & Conditioning, Cardio & Endurance but we work on Skill & Performance.

Even more importantly we focus on mindset, mental wellbeing & recovery.


Working on all these areas makes you the strongest warrior you can be!

Jon Kelly

Founder / Gym Owner / Elite Athlete / Coach 

Chieftain Jon Kelly is the founder of tribal fitness. Jon is the essence of the Tribe and as Chieftain there is nothing at tribal Jon doesn’t embody. Jon is not only a fitness enthusiast but practices mindfulness and believes in the values of the community.  

On top of running his own business, you will no doubt find Jon working out, running, or competing in some sort of Fitness event but when he isn’t. He is running classes & writing training programs for everyone in the Tribal Community. 

Jon’s why is what drives him every day to work hard & his passion is spread across the whole of the tribe. Once you are in the circle, Jon will share his story with you ☺ 

Jon can be found coaching many of Tribal Fitnesses Classes as he embodies all styles of training himself. His Hyrox class is going to test you to the next level of fitness. Get ready to leave it all out on the floor, empty your tanks & believe us, you will be left wanting to come back for more!

Classes: Hyrox / OCR / MetCon / Barbell Strength 

Farah Dilah

Farah is notoriously known for her discipline and training routine. Our Super Woman, by day she’s a nurse, by night a bad ass coach & athlete and on top of that she is a mother. She specialises in body building & HIIT & Circuit Training. She will be sure to get your heart pumping and feeling good in her HIIT & Hypertrophy Classes. Ladies her Hypertrophy Glutes Class is a must visit!

Classes: HIIT / Strength Hypertrophy / Circuit Training

Cheryl Tan

Cheryl is a fitness loving enthusiast who enjoys fitness over multiple disciplines including Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, CrossFit and yoga.

A firm believer that movement is medicine, Cheryl’s focus is on consistency and sustainability. She values building a bond with her clients, working with them to make training an enjoyable part of their routine. Cheryl takes a full view of her clients’ lifestyle and goals, designing programmes that build their confidence and strengthen their mental and physical health.

In her spare time, Cheryl can be found with a good book in hand, playing handmaiden to her adorable maltichon, Kaya.

Classes: Yoga / Deep Stretch / Mobility / Circuit Training / HIIT

Matthew Yap

Our Strength Warrior! Famously known for his 4 Asian titles in Power Lifting, Silver in the World Championships and multiple world records, Matthew is the man to get you strong. Bring both his elite Athlete experience as well as his coaching expertise it is safe to say you can’t miss his Power Strength Class!

Classes: Strength Power / Strength Hypertrophy

Karina Nadiah 

As a coach, Karina brings with her a wealth of knowledge and boundless energy into training sessions with her clients. Her bubbly personality and infectious energy has led her to become a well-liked coach in Singapore’s fitness industry.

Her training philosophy centers around building sustainable habits around training, nutrition, recovery, and mental health. She also takes pride in women’s health, and educating women about centering the cycle around life and training. To that end, Karina has her clients’ best interests at heart and strives to give sound structure to those under her care.

Outside of the fitness industry, Karina is also a teacher of biology and enjoys scuba diving, baking, and gardening in her free time.

Her qualifications include: Master of Education, MEd (Science), National Institute of Education, Singapore / Bachelor of Science, BSc Biomedical Sciences, University of Western Australia / Precision Nutrition Level 1 / Precision Nutrition Level 2 / Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness (FISAF) Core Certification / Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness (FISAF) Fitness Leader and Personal Training Certification / Nutrition for Optimum Health (Temasek Polytechnic) / Pregnancy and Post-partum (FIT Singapore) / Women Are Not Small Men (Dr Stacy Sims)

Class:  Circuit Training / HIIT / Metcon / Strength 

Cindy Chan

Cindy specialises in cardio and conditioning training. You will often find Cindy on the rower and she will be sure to help & coach you on technique. She is our shaman on the Erg Machines. Her Cardio and HIIT Classes are not to be missed!

Classes: Cardio / Circuit Training / HIIT