Are You Ready?

We break down our Classes into the 6 Pillars of fitness to maximise on your training & Fitness Journey.

We Embrace the training methodology of OCR, CrossFit & Hyrox to give you the greatest variety of Fitness & Training.

Through Power, Olympic & Hypertrophy training we program classes to build your all-around strength. We will help you to become the strongest version of yourself! 

We program our conditioning workouts on their own, this way we make sure the goal of the workout is achieved. You will see our classes focus on Metabolic Conditioning & Muscular Endurance and we do this through 3 different types of training, Metcon, HIIT & Circuit Training.

Be sure to experience an out-of-body experience with our heart pumping cardio classes! We focus on the two main cardiovascular systems, building the base & improving your lactic threshold. We use MyZone HR tracking to keep you on the right track during our cardio focused classes and maximise the carnage! 

There are 3 sporting disciplines that run through the veins of our chieftain, Crossfit, OCR & Hyrox. During these classes we dive into the skills and training required to perform in these sports. All that said the classes make for a great & fun workout either way! If that isn’t enough we also do boxing fitness combining skill & conditioning for the ultimate fitness test.

As important as training it is important to recover properly, we run classes to aid your training. From yoga, deep stretching all the way to specific mobility focused movements. We will keep you moving properly.

Saving the best till last & seen as the most important part to us in fitness. We believe in practicing a healthy mindset. We are only whole when our mind & body are working together. Join us as we work inwards or even just taking time to switch off. Join us on the path to enlightenment.