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Jon Kelly 

Our Head Trainer in Tribal Fitness has over 10 years experience in coaching & performing in Elite Sports. With a BND in Sport & Exercise Science & ACE Personal Trainer Certified Jon can apply science, training & nutrition to program your training. Jon Specialises in Strength & Conditioning as well as Performance Related Training. Looking to take your training to the next level or have general aesthetics Jon will get you there. 


$110  Per Session

$950 10 Sessions

$1700  20 Sessions


Farah Dilah 

Farah is notoriously known for her discipline and training routine. She specialises in body building & HIIT & Circuit Training. She will be sure to get your heart pumping and feeling good in her HIIT & Hypertrophy Classes. Ladies her Hypertrophy Glute Class is a must visit!


$800 10 Sessions

$1200 10 session for 2 Pax

Matthew Yap

“Lifting has been an essential part of my life since I was 14. I was shown the impact that lifting had as I was growing up. It taught me to fight hard for everything I want and as a young boy I built confidence from there too.
However, I felt that there was more to it. I’ve always wanted to pass on my knowledge and experience, so I picked up coaching in 2017.
To date, I’ve coached hundreds of clients, both with and without a competitive goal. I hope to inspire and help as many individuals to incorporate fitness into their lifestyle as I can.”


$1000 10 Sessions


Cheryl Tan 

Cheryl is a fitness loving enthusiast who enjoys fitness over multiple disciplines including Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, CrossFit and yoga.

A firm believer that movement is medicine, Cheryl’s focus is on consistency and sustainability. She values building a bond with her clients, working with them to make training an enjoyable part of their routine. Cheryl takes a full view of her clients’ lifestyle and goals, designing programmes that build their confidence and strengthen their mental and physical health.


$80  Per Session

$700 10 Sessions

$1200  20 Sessions

Karina Nadiah 

As a coach, Karina brings with her a wealth of knowledge and boundless energy into training sessions with her clients. Her bubbly personality and infectious energy has led her to become a well-liked coach in Singapore’s fitness industry.

Adept at designing highly individualised programs for a wide range of clients, Karina has worked with pre-natal and post-partum clients, senior executives, professional athletes, youths, senior citizens and anyone in between.


$1400 10 Sessions

$2600  20 Sessions